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Dementia is a broad term used to describe conditions that cause memory loss and deterioration of a person’s cognitive abilities. This affects our ability to carry out basic activities. As a result, seniors with dementia disorders, like Alzheimer’s Disease, need specialized care.

What is Dementia Care?

Dealing with dementia is not easy. Those who suffer from conditions like Alzheimer’s Disease experience memory loss, disorientation, anxiety, and depression. All of this affects the ability to perform normal daily activities. While some medical care is available in the form of medication, there is no cure for dementia. However, with the correct dementia care, seniors can continue to live a relatively normal life. In-home dementia care is preferable for most elderly people. Remaining in the familiar environment of their homes is an immense comfort. A dementia caregiver is trained to provide the correct assistance for dementia patients. They need to possess certain personal qualities in order to perform their duties. Patience and empathy are probably the most important traits for a dementia caregiver.

A quality home health care agency will recruit trained dementia care professionals. They will also ensure that the caregiver has the requisite experience and possesses the skills that are needed to provide the best care. The caregiver needs to be a friend as well as an aide.

Dementia Care in Lakeland, Fl

Finding reliable, professional dementia care may seem like an almost impossible task if you don’t know where to look. I can offer some assistance in this regard.Altum Home Care Services LLC has become recognized as one of the leading home healthcare agencies in Lakeland Florida. It is through a commitment to providing our clients with personalized individual care, that we have earned the trust and respect of the seniors we serve.

For the very best in quality dementia care, call one of our friendly consultants today. We will guide you through the process of dealing with dementia, always mindful that the dignity and happiness of our clients are paramount.